Given the current Coronavirus Pandemic, I thought it was important to state how we are addressing the pandemic within our business.

Our highest priority is saving lives by following government guidelines about social distancing and increased hygiene.
It is important to note that Studiotech Australia remains open at this time and our physical Hornsby premises are open 0900-1700 each weekday, as per usual.

To assist Evertz R&D teams and for the support of our customers, we have invested in a 2-meter KU band Satellite Antenna with associated infrastructure and RF test equipment. This type of infrastructure is imperative in providing RF support to local customers using “real” satellite signals.


In response to the upcoming Global Positioning (GPS) Week number rollover event on April 6, 2019.

Evertz is providing the following information necessary to ensure that Evertz devices providing UTC timing from GPS based references are running at the latest available versions of firmware on both the GPS Antenna and Master Clock systems.

We have been able to help our technology partner, Sky Racing with: Business Analyst Services, Concept design, Detailed design and the supply of a variety of ancillary equipment.

Six (6) weeks consultancy was provided in relation to gathering comparative details around building a new studio in Melbourne. Design, Costing, Timeline and Risks were documented and presented to the customer, as part of their due diligence to make the best decisions.

Studiotech Australia has delivered Equipment & Services to assist TABCORP in completing new Radio and TV studios in Melbourne. Part of this equipment was Guntermann & Drunck KVM “cross display switches”, which allow a single keyboard/mouse to be used for many work stations, which each have their individual monitor in the control room. Gone are the days where a control desk need to be covered in keyboards/mice, only operated by a single, or a few, operator(s).